All About USB Ports

PCB501-1Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors are the most common port in today’s computer world. Just about any computer has one of more built-in USB connectors. They allow the easy connection of keyboards & mice, printers, cameras and other computer accessories to the computer. Operating systems are designed to support USBs, which makes any device installation quick and easy.
Compared to other connection types such as parallel ports, serial ports & special cards that are installed inside the computer’s case, USBs are extremely simple. That makes the end user’s experience friendly and easy.
More so, they unify the connection port to an incredible variety of items. In the past, many printers connected to parallel printer ports, and most computers were equipped with only one.
An external storage media, which need a high-speed connection into the computer, would also connect to a parallel port , and that same port that is already connected to the printer, and on top of it, it had limited success and not much speed. Other printers connected to a serial port, but so did the modem, digital cameras and other devices. And the connection provided was slow.
Devices that needed a faster connection came with a retractable card that was inserted into a slot in the computer. That presented a problem since the amount of card slots was limited and on top of it some of the cards were hard to install.
The High Speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable was developed to eliminate the chaos, and simplify connection of devices to the computer.