Avoiding Network Cabling Errors

Most businesses today rely greatly on the local area network for a smooth operation. When network issues arise, business operation is immediately affected. Avoiding network cabling errors and/or complications takes some knowledge & understanding. Planning ahead, hiring the right people, following industry standards & codes and placing cables appropriately can minimize network cabling complications in the future.
Regardless of the type of technology used in the business, it is always important to stay up to date about the changing technologies & their effect on the business. When upgrading or replacing a network, it is always wise to choose current equipment. While labor is the largest chunk of this sort of investment, the budget should not reflect savings in lower grade cable. Though it may seem like the place to cut down cost, in reality inferior cable will degrade faster and will need to be replaced much sooner than high quality cable, ending up causing problems & being more costly than planned.
Most network errors are caused by human error; therefore it is important to choose a professional to install the network initially. This way complications are minimized and the both time & money are saved.
When installing the network cables, make sure not to run them alongside the electrical wires. The magnetization of electrical wires can degrade the physical cables as well as the integrity of the data stream. This will slow down or disrupt data transfer. Other disruption causes to avoid include anything that gives off magnetic field such as fluorescent light or motors. Avoid running network cables near them.
Following standards & codes is essential in keeping a network up to date & efficient. The structured EAI/TIA-568 standards are applied to optimize the performance of networks as well as to assure it easy to maintain them. Also, there are codes protecting the installer’s safety, as well as ones that are important in case of emergencies for the work of first responders.