Cat5e & Cat6 Bulk Patch Cables

Bulk Patch Cables for cat5e and cat6 applicationsBulk patch cables are available for both Cat5e and Cat6 networks.

Cat5e & Cat6 patch cables are the path for data transfer between patch panels & routers of a PC & RJ45 wall jack.

Networks rely on the quality of the parts it is made of, as well as on how well it is installed. When looking to install a network, the parts that make it should be on the same level of quality. There is no use in using a top of the line server, with low quality cables. The effect of a network of this sort will most likely result in reduced speeds.

Patch cables are used to connect (or patch) computers to a network or network equipment in a data room. Cat5e & Cat6 patch cables are available in various colors & lengths, in order to accommodate for different uses & circumstances. Patch cables are constructed of stranded cable, which is made with four pairs of twisted wire. They are made this way, to allow flexibility and avoid wire damage or data transfer interference with bending of the cable. Each end of the patch cable has an RJ45 modular plug

The key difference between a Cat5e patch cable and a Cat6 patch cable is in their performance quality. Cat5e patch cable is traditionally used for networks using 100 Mbit/s or a gigabit network, while a Cat6 patch cable will be used for networks that can handle up to 250 MHz.

P5EU01BL-2Unshielded patch cables are the common type of patch cable used throughout. The need for a shielded patch cable will arise in cases where the network is around strong radio signal interference. A shielded patch cable has a metal inner jacket protecting the 4 twisted pairs, as well as a metal jacket covering the RJ45 modular plugs. These patch cables are not compatible with unshielded network equipment and are only used for specific applications.