Cable Clutter Nightmares Solved

Cable Clutter Nightmares SolvedCable clutter in a home can get out of control easily, and fast. Our way of life, when it comes to electronics, changes faster than we redesign our living spaces, and we increasingly require more types of cables and more of them in general.

May it be your computer (electrical cables, HDMI, USB and more), cellphone (charger), tablet (charger), entertainment center or even just a simple television (and a DVD or router connection or play station or all the above and more – cables, cables, cables…), more often than not, we find ourselves with cables clutter taking over our living spaces and their aesthetics. While you may not mind all that cable clutter (but I’m sure you do!), other than looks, it may also become a safety hazard, with all those cables everywhere. Not only can cable clutter be a tripping hazard, it is also a challenge to clean around all those wires.

So what can you do to rid your home from all those wires everywhere? How can this cable clutter nightmare be solved? Good question! With just a little effort and a couple of tips, your living spaces can be cables free (to an extent) and much cleaner to the eye.

Cable Length

Start with looking at all the cables around your home. Are they the very minimum length they need to be (The ultimate length for a cable is when it reached the nearest outlet comfortably without dangling on the floor), or are they extra-long and tangled all over the floor? If the latter is true, your first simple step on the road to cleaning up the cable clutter is to shorten the cables (may it be by purchasing new, shorter wires, or shortening the ones you have). By doing so, you have cleaned up much of the long cable tangles on the floor, and got rid of the loose hair and dust balls that collected around the cables.

Cable Concealment

Cables don’t have to be exposed! Even if there were not placed in the walls, they shouldn’t run through a space acting as a tripping hazard, collecting dust  and cluttering your space. If you have cables running through a space, it is safer and more aesthetically appealing to hide them under floor cord covers. Floor cord covers are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the right style for your home.

Smart cable routing

If a cable must take a tour of the space, plan its route wisely. Take a look at the route and what is on the way. If there are walls and/or furniture that can be used for attaching and concealing the cable along the way, use them! Adhesive cord clips, raceways and cord protectors can help you utilize walls, floors and furniture along the route of the cable to hide the cable. And with the cable out of sight, so is the dust and other dirt and clutter that comes with bundles of wires lying around.

Use a charging station

Depending on the number of gadgets being charged by your bed, on your counter or desk, it may be wise to consider using a charging station. This way your cellphone, tablet, MP3 player and any other device that needs charging can be all charged together in a neatly organized compartment that has ONE power cord for all devices.

You don’t have to live with cable clutter, and it is not the biggest challenge to clean up your living spaces from all the extra cords, so get to it and rid your home from cable clutter nightmares.