Cable Management – Hide those Cables

Now days most homes house multiple cables. I am not talking about in-wall cables, but the ones we use to connect our various devices, charge them, use them, and transfer data between them. You know I am right. Just accept it.

Some cable that were intended to be in-wall come later, or ‘after the fact’ when construction is done. But that will not stop us from adding that home theater or audio or other gadget we simply must have. And why should it? It is 2017, and anything we set our heart to can be accomplished.

That should not mean, by default, that those new cables must be exposed. There are solutions for that. All you need to do is pick the one that’s right for you. And install it.

Running Wires through Baseboards

Baseboard moldings are typically installed creating a gap away from the wall. This leaves you room to run your cables. Install a wall plate at the ends or your new run as needed for a clean professional look.

Running Wires through Crown Molding

If you are adding crown molding to hide wires in the, start with installing 1×2 furring strips at the top of the walls allowing a small gap (roughly ¾”-1”). Tuck the cables above the wood strip. Then cover them with the crown molding of your choice.
If you have crown molding, you can fish your wires loosely behind it.

Running Wires through Crawlspace / Attic

To choose crawlspace or attic, determine if you are running the new wires through interior or exterior walls. Crawlspace provides better access to exterior walls, and the attic to interior ones. Regardless, you are running your wires up/down the walls from one location to the other. The challenge is in pinpointing your location and finding the desired wall cavity.


Always start with planning your cable route. The most direct route is usually the best one. If the simplest most direct route means you have to go up/down the wall (which it often does), you can use raceways to hide your cable or fish it through the walls.

For your ‘after the fact’ optimized cable management, you can run cables through the baseboard, using the crawl space or attic, or use the crown molding to hide the wires. However you will find that in many cases, for best results and good cable management, some combination of these methods is required.