Cables and Raceways

racewayI know what you are thinking – horse race (maybe car race?), let’s go! Well, yes those are popular raceway activities. Only this article is about an entirely different type of raceway; One that has to do with wires and cables.

Ready? Set —– GO!

A raceway is an enclosed conduit, or tube, through which wires and cables are routed to form a concealed system. Why conceal you ponder? Good question! To assure the wires in the network or system perform and last to their maximum potential they need to be protected. Raceways are designed to protect wires and cables from the effects of climate (heat, humidity, freezing, etc.), corrosion, water damage and more.

Another reason to conceal wires is aesthetics. Raceways are surface mounted wire moldings. They can be mounted to walls or another surface allowing the wires to run through any path without hindering the look of the space. Additionally, when wires are run through a raceway, they don’t develop “dust balls” around them, which leaves the space cleaner not only visually.

There is a large variety of raceway types to choose from depending on application and other specifics. In order to select the right type it’s important to first know what is out there.

Residential applications

For the home, a latching raceway is a good solution for basic cable management.  It is typically available in straight sections of varying lengths and features a hinged latch top.  The removable top makes it easy to run the cables through. Once all cables are in place the top is returned to place and the cables are concealed. To conceal the entire run, the latching raceway has elbows attachments, T junctions and other parts.

Most latching raceways come with a peel & stick adhesive backing that allows for an easy installation on any surface. After it is places and closed it can be painted over to match the wall or any other surface it is attached to. This is a good solution for TV cables, speaker wires and other cables that travel up walls.

For cables that run closer to ceilings or floors Crown Molding Surface Raceways or Corner Ducts may be a better solution. They run adjacent to the floor or ceiling and act as both a pathway for wires as well as baseboard or crown molding.

Commercial applications

For an office environment there different types of raceways depending on application, need and flexibility. A J Channel is a perfect solution for running wires along the back of a desk. They are shaped like the letter J and hold the wires without a cap, allowing for an easy access and flexibility.  J channels typically have a peel & stick adhesive backing that allows for an easy installation.

Over floor raceway systems are designed for running networking, power and/or surveillance cables along floors. This over floor system protects the wires from footy traffic and other hazards when the wires must run through a space rather than along the walls.

For warehouses, factories, stores and other businesses in need of power away from the wall, a Power Raceway can be used. A power raceway features power and data access built into it.

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge about cable raceways, we hope it will help you make an educated choice on your next job that requires the use of raceways.