Ethernet Network Installation Checklist

Ethernet Network Installation ChecklistTo help ensure a smooth and successful installation of an Ethernet network system, proper planning is essential. No matter whether is it a Cat5e installation, a Cat6 installation or other, using a checklist can help in assuring everything is organized. It can include pre-install planning, before installation begins, during installation and after installation completion. Since every project is unique, the checklist may vary as needed.

Here is a basic Ethernet network installation checklist:

Pre-installation checklist:

• Main point of contact / project manager.
• Communications requirements clarified.
• Equipment & component requirements selection as well as vendors selection.
• Link route chosen and permits obtained.
• Cable plant components and vendors selection.
• Coordination with facilities & electrical personnel completed.
• Documentation completed and ready for installation, preliminary restoration plans drafted.
• Test plan completed.
• Schedule installation start and notify all parties affected.
• Components ordered and delivery date set; plans made for receiving materials (time/place).
• Link route tour with client.
• Construction plans reviewed with client.
• Components chosen reviewed with client.
• Schedule reviewed with client.
• Safety rules reviewed with client.
• Excess materials being kept for restoration reviewed with the client.
• Test plan is reviewed with client.

Before starting installation checklist:

• All permits available for inspection.
• Sites are prepared assuring power is available.
• All components are on site, inspected, 24-hour security arranged if necessary.
• Client is available if necessary.
• Relevant personnel are notified.
• Safety rules posted on the job site(s) and reviewed with all supervisors and installation personnel.

During Installation Checklist:

• Inspect workmanship.
• Daily review of process, progress, test data.
• Immediate notification and solution of problems, shortages, etc.

After installation completion checklist:

• Inspect workmanship.
• Review test data on cable plant.
• Set up and test communications system.
• Update and complete documentation.
• Update and complete the restoration plan.
• Store the restoration plan, documentation, components, etc.

Again, this checklist is a basic one which may change per job to accommodate for any special conditions, varying client requirements / needs. At the same time, it is a good start point in planning for your next Ethernet network installation.