Home Automation vs Smart Home

Home Automation vs Smart HomeHome Automation vs Smart Home – are they one in the same or different? Many of us use the terms ‘smart home’ and ‘home automation’ interchangeably, as if they were referring to the same concept. However, ‘smart home’ and ‘home automation’ speak to two different concepts. Let’s explore each of these concepts, so we can understand what they each mean.

Home Automation

The term Home Automation was first used in the mid 80’s. At that time complex electronic systems allowing automation have emerged. For economic reasons, this concept never reached the mass market. Both installation and maintenance were very expensive.

Over two decades later the technology finally caught up with the idea and made the home automation concept a reality. That was possible thanks to the ‘Internet of Things’, another revolutionary concept signaling the beginning of a new age in technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed the development of easy to install, completely wireless home automation systems that can be managed from anywhere in the world just by using a smartphone.

Since ‘money makes the world go round’ – or puts on the breaks on revolutionary ideas if they are not economically reachable to the masses – the real game changer for the home automation concept was that now those technologies are finally affordable, & therefore available for the mass market.

Smart Home

Modern home automation is the enabler of the smart home. This is a new fully connected-living concept that allows users to monitor and control their houses from mobile apps, as well as manage their home security, provide remote healthcare for elder relatives, even save energy and so much more.
Nowadays having a smart home is not an extravagant luxury, but a reality available for the mass market as are tablets, computers or digital cameras.

The next step for Smart homes is to educate the public about it. Show the possibilities and advantages and how a smart home can improve our lives, help us save on both energy and money, and make information more accessible at any time.