Home Network Setup – Wire Your Home Network Yourself

Wiring your home network isn’t always an easy task, but you feel accomplished once you’ve done it!  You can learn to do a home network setup in a few steps.

You’ll need: Cat5 or Cat5e cable (any color), RJ45 connectors, crimping tool (also called RJ45 crimper)
Wiring Your Home Network 1 Wiring Your Home Network 2 Wiring Your Home Network 3





1. Hold the end of your Cat5e cable and strip 1 inch off the jacket. If your crimper has a jacket stripper, push the cable end into the stripper until it halts, squeeze the crimper gently, and twist the cable as the razors cut the jacket. Remove the cable and pop off the cut end of jacket.
Wiring Your Home Network 42. Beneath the stripped jacket, notice the exposed four twisted pairs of wire. Each pair has a solid color wire, and a striped wire (white & the color of its paired wire).
3. Separate the pairs so you have eight separate wires & organize the individual wires according to wiring sequence 568B (as shown in the image).
4. Once wires are in sequence (do double check sequence is in order), use the cutter on your crimper tool to cut straight across Attaching a Connector on to an Ethernet Wire 1the wires making sure they are even in length. Take an RJ45 plug (latch side facing down) and guide the wires into the plug (maintaining sequence 568B). Each wire should slip in its own cavity and glide smoothly into the plug. Put the cable all the way into the plug.
5. When the wires are placed in the plug, fit the plug into a crimping tool and squeeze with reasonable force to press the pins inside and fasten the plug onto the cable. You have one side done.
6. Repeat this process on the other side of the cable, making sure you are maintaining wiring sequence 568B.
7. Test your cable for your home network setup
The most common issue for your home network setup is lack of contact between the pins inside the RJ-45 plug and the wires. If the wires have not been pushed all the way in, it’ll manifest in poor connection.to solve this issue, snip off the RJ-45 plug and try the assembly process again.