How to Wire an Ethernet Jack

RJ45 PlugWiring Ethernet cables & connectors takes a little practice, but you can certainly do it yourself. Follow these instructions on how to wire Ethernet jacks to achieve your goal. To prepare, make sure you have your Ethernet cable (bulk cat5e, cat6 or other), an RJ45 plug of the same category as the cable (Cat5e cable and Cat5 RJ45 plug, or Cat6 cable and Cat6 RJ45 plug, etc.), a wire cutter or cable stripper, cable crimper and a cable tester.

To wire Ethernet Patch Cables:

1. Strip off roughly 2 inches of the cable jacket making sure not to damage the inside wires.
2. Untwist each of the four (4) pair about one inch.
3. Choose a wiring scheme (568A or 568B) and align the wires per colored wiring scheme bellow. Start from left to right, so that pin number 1/wire 1 is on the left and pin number 8 / wire 8 is on the right.

Rj45 Wiring Scheme 568ARj45 Wiring Scheme 568B4. Insert the wires (keeping the color order) into the RJ45 plug and assure each of the wires is fully inserted. About 1/4”-1/2” of the cable’s jacket extends into the plug.
5. Crimp the RJ45 plug using the crimper tool.
6. Test connectivity with the cable tester.