Ideas for Smart Home Networks

Your new home networks will have you watching Hi-Def in every room, listening to online audio networks and music in your hot tub, and voice controlling your every wish without a second thought. We really are moving into an age of making life simple. Just speak and it will be delivered. Meanwhile with touch screens in the home you will be able to set your thermostat and forget it as it “learns” to understand  what temperature is most comfortable for your family. Behind the scenes of your solar energy systems, lights will light up as you enter and leave rooms while charging up your Tesla power-wall for optimal savings and environmental concerns.

house.22In the new Smart Home, having Wi-Fi connected devices doesn’t mean you can forgo wiring for Ethernet cable. In fact, Ethernet cable, along with speaker wires and alarm wires wired throughout your home will ensure that you have complete coverage near and far from your wireless router.

A wired home is still the best way to achieve the types of connections that avoid buffering and image quality issues while streaming video. So, even if your new TV has built-in Wi-Fi for Netflix, it’s better to put a live Ethernet port nearby.

When automating your smart thermostat such as the Nest, you can ensure that you have more energy savings and these systems typically use wired cables to connect the control app with the processor. Planning your network will keep you on top of the best automation in your home.

ethernetcable22Even your surround sound, hot tub speakers, and audio throughout your home beg the installation of speaker wires through ceilings or in walls. Listening to Pandora, Internet radio and the like will be more enjoyable via touchscreens in the room wired for sound. Your wireless audio system always ends up back at the central station where your connection is wired.

So much for the wireless home, Ethernet cables, speaker wire and the like are still and essential component of any network.

Lots of Bandwidth to deal with

With the advent of multiple wireless devices comes a price on the bandwidth available for these devices so looking at wired connections or multiple components for a pristine system will be an option you won’t want to miss. Especially when it comes to home security you will want to look at both the wired alarm cable as well as the wireless options to ensure full coverage throughout.Bandwidth_blue

Some people believe that wireless is the only solution but remember behind every good wireless system is a quality wire. As you plan your upgrades to your home, don’t forget to consult a good network specialist to ensure you are getting the latest technology along with the best installation of networks possible.

Structured Cabeling  in the Smart Wired Home

RG6 Cable

rg6cableRG6 cable is used for Digital HDTV CATV and Digital Satellite (SMATV), along with cable modems and video cameras. The quad shield on this coaxial cable witll provide great signal qualify around the home. More on the RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable .

RG-6 is a step better than the previous RG-59 cable and has less high frequency loss. Satellite-TV dish signals will travel further where RG-6 is used (Cabling Install).

Cat5e Cable

Cat5e is superior cable that does not carry electronic noise so that communication speeds in networking exceed the speed of normal home networks. In addition you will use this cable as the primary PC cable used for controlling the entire system.

Cat6 Cable

Cat6 cable is the next step up from Cat5e cable and can carry much more data than the Cat5e so file transfer is much faster utilizing this cable. Since the demands on networks in the future can only get greater it is recommended that you utilize this standard rather than the Cat5e cable to wire your smart home.

Speaker Wire

Quality 14 to 16 guage speaker wire is preferrable to go into each room of the home for use in home entertainemtn as well as communications.

Patch Panel

This panel is the item that pulls together all elements of the cords and cables that are wired throughout the system. You can’t live without the patch panel.

Bring it all together.

Use of the RG6 Coax Cable and Category 5 Cable or Cat6 cable in a distribution system panel combined with a patch panel will distribute audio, video, voice and data to each room.

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