Structured Cable Business Plan

Cable Installer VanA Structured Cable Business Plan provides a guideline for starting a business. Structured cabling businesses have knowledge and techniques in the field of cable networks, including network installations, maintenance and repair. This type of business may be small and an individual can start it out of their van, or grow to be large enough to serve large organizations such as a school district. The sky, driven by the installer’s motivation, is the limit. Continue reading “Structured Cable Business Plan”

Working in Structured Cabling

working in structured cabling line installers
working in structured cabling, line installers

The structured cabling industry is growing with ongoing and new developments, including existing and new construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the projected numeric change in employment from 2012 to 2022 is 8,400 or 4{fc6662c6c002226732463ef85dd591ccae0e9999b207c7007494e1a75b1a670d} growth. Everyone wants (or needs) to be connected, and that creates the need for efficient, up-to-date networks that can provide us all with the means to be ‘connected’. This demand can be satisfied by experienced, knowledgeable and efficient cable installers. Continue reading “Working in Structured Cabling”