Installing Surround Sound Speakers

SWC3101-2Surround sound brings whatever you are watching to life. So why not bring it into your own home and enjoy it every time you are watching TV, not only at the theater? If you really treasure your TV experience and want to enhance it, there is no reason against installing surround sound speakers. Not even the clutter that comes with all the wire – it can be avoided!

One way to avoid wire clutter is to go wireless. There are a number of systems that carry wireless surround speaker options. While the speakers themselves need to be plugged into a power outlet, they eliminate the need for speaker wire run through the space.

SWC3101-3Another way to go is running the speaker wire under the carpet or along the baseboards. Tucking the cable in the baseboard or running along it is an easy solution to avoiding wires all over the place. If running the speaker wire under the carpet, you can use a flat speaker wire to avoid bumps in the carpet. To run the wires behind the trim or baseboard make sure to use in-wall rated speaker wires.

If you are handy and up for the task, you can run the speaker wires in the walls. Make sure to use in-wall rated speaker wire. You can also install wall terminal plates, to easily connect the surround sound speakers to the terminal.