Landscape Lighting 101

Installing Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingThere are a few reasons to installing landscape lighting. You may want to illuminate your house after dark, for aesthetic reasons or security. Perhaps you’d like to highlight favorite plants, or spot light trees, a pool, fountain or special focal point for a dramatic affect. Or maybe you want to be able to see where you are walking, seating, or headed to.

The Benefits

Regardless of the reason for installing landscape lighting, you’ll enjoy multiple benefits from doing so. Needless to say light adds a safety element and helps avoiding accidents. If you see where you are headed (steps, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) you are less likely to get injured or hurt.

Landscape lighting adds an element of security to your house. A lite house / landscape will likely deter prowlers and vandals. It also makes it more comfortable to spend time outdoors with friends or a book at all times.

Make a Plan

Start with listing the reasons that led you to installing landscape lighting. Once you know why, it’ll be easier to achieve your goals. Now that you know what your goals are, draw a quick plan of your yard and outline of your home. Mark the location of trees/shrubs to be lit, pool, fountain, seating arrangements/tables and/or path you’d like to illuminate.

Landscape LightingUse the plan you drew to locate the light fixtures. Remember your goals when placing those light fixtures. Consider the type of fixture that will best achieve your needs. To illuminate pools, fountains or any other water features, use waterproof pond lights. Place offset path lights to light walkways. Position cone lights to highlight walkways and surrounding plants. Use flood lights to illuminate trees, buildings & any other large element. Locate tree-mounted spotlights to simulate moonlight.

Look at your drawings and mark the landscape lighting wire runs you’ll need. Measure the length of those runs and determine the appropriate landscape lighting wires size. Fold up your sleeves and get to work. You are now closer to illuminating your home and yard.