Make Your Own Ethernet Cable

In some cases, it is easier and more economical to make your own Ethernet cable, especially if the cables will be run through conduits or holes in the wall. Making your own Ethernet cable is not complex, but does require precision and a bit practice.

You’ll need: bulk ethernet cable and connectors, crimper tool.

Wiring Your Home Network 2 Attaching a Connector on to an Ethernet Wire 1 Attaching a Connector on to an Ethernet Wire 2





1. Determine the type of cable you are making – a straight through cable or a crossover one. A straight through cable is a basic Ethernet cable. A crossover cable is a cable that allows machines to communicate with no need for a hub or switch.
2. Using your crimper, cut through about ½ inch of the cable’s plastic coating. Unwind the cable and pair the wire colors according to the type of cable you are making (crossover or straight through). Make sure the wires are at even length. Trim if needed.
Color coding for a modern straight-through Ethernet cable:
orange-striped / orange, green-striped, blue/blue-striped, green, brown-striped/brown.
Color coding for a crossover cable:
green-striped / green, orange-striped, blue/blue-striped, orange, brown-striped/brown.
3. Take an RJ45 connector and slide the wires into the cavities maintaining the wires sequence. Make sure to slide the wires all the way in and push the plastic cable coating into the connector to lock in place.
4. Slide the connector into the crimper and press with reasonable force.
5. Plug your newly made cable into both computer and router and test the connection to verify the cable is working.