Network Installer Kit

Being a Network Technician in our day and age may include new installations, expansions of existing systems, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex voice and data networks. While some new installations may be straight forward, an integration of new (faster, more complex) network technologies into an existing older network can require knowledge, flexibility and creativity.

Knowledge and experience, as well as creativity and flexibility, are traits that come with time, practice and talent, and are solely dependent on the installer. To help execute your network solutions in a timely manner and with more ease, any installer can and should put together a kit of tools to be used in the field.

The installer kit may vary in the tools it contains depending on the nature of one’s installations or preference and level of comfort with different tools.

Here are some cable installation tools that are useful to have in the installer kit:

A hiKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAgh efficient stripper tool can help you cut down on time and provide a safe solution to stripping wire. A stripper tool that accommodates for different types of cables, including coaxial, fiber-optic, and unshielded twisted-pair (utp), is a practical tool to have in the installer kit for different types of installations.

Cable tester is an important tool to have in the installer kit in Tester_02order to verify the condition of cables, both before and after their installation. A cable tester with different testing ports to accommodate for today’s most popular media should include ports for RJ-45, RJ-11, USB, and BNC.

A Cable crimper tool is a great tool to cut, strip, and press modular plugs. Make Wiring Your Home Network 2sure to get a cable crimper that is suitable for both stranded and solid wires UTP/STP.


For a Compresshigh quality installation of connectors onto coaxial cables, the use of Compression tool is essential. To avoid water damage (for an outdoor installation), signal loss, picture tiling or blocking, make sure to include a compression tool in the installer tool kit.

The Punch down tool is handy when it comes to terminating wire Impact Punch Down Toolinto keystone jack or a patch panel.