Position Those Speakers

Adding sound to your home is a spectacular upgrade to music/home theater lovers. Who are we kidding? It’s awesome no matter who you are. Speakers in your home theater dedicated room or throughout your home can make a great difference in the ambiance of life.
Now deciding where those speakers should be located and if they should be in wall/ceiling or freestanding, that is a good question; One without one right/wrong answer, and plenty of for/against arguments.
So how does one make a decision which direction to steer? Researching the different choices and arguments is a good place to start, especially since we did the research for you.

Freestanding Speakers

freestanding speakersThere is flexibility with freestanding speakers. They can be repositioned as needed at any time with minimum effort.
Freestanding speakers have been around since the 1960’s. They come in many sizes, shapes, finishes and styles. That means on top of adding sound to your space, you can also make a statement with the size/style/finish you choose. A freestanding speaker can even be a focal point if that’s something you are into.
That thing is, whatever size/style/etc. you choose, freestanding speakers take up space. If the space is small, that may be a concern to keep in mind.

In Wall / Ceiling Speakers

Since the in wall/ceiling are built into the wall or ceiling, there is no issue witIn wall speakersh space to accommodate them. If you have a small room, this can be a perfect solution. Also, if you really don’t want to make any statement with speakers, or see them at all, they are hidden and make nothing but sound.
They are tricky to position for optimum sound. But no worry, pivoting tweeters allows you to direct sound for best performance regardless of speaker placement.
With all that said, in wall/ceiling speakers do require installation, and best performed by a professional. The walls/ceiling need to be cut open in order to place them in. Wires need to be snaked through the walls. And at the end of the project the speakers’ position is set with no flexibility to change (unless you reopen the walls, etc.). Oh, and let’s not forget that all that is an additional cost to the speakers purchase.

What to do?

Now that you have some important points about freestanding and in wall/ceiling options in mind, you can make the right choice for you about your home sound system. So take some time to think about it. Take a look at your space and decide what is best for it. And enjoy the sound.