RG59 Siamese Cable

Why RG59 Siamese Cable makes the best Coaxial Cable Network

RG59 CableThe term “Siamese” when it comes to the cabling industry, refers to a combination cable that allows running two different types of wiring within a single cable. These two types of wires are most commonly for power and data transmission, and the pairing of the two in one cable allows for a cleaner and organized installation. RG59 Siamese cables are typically used for video, surveillance camera and closed-circuit television (CCTV) applications, taking advantage of the dual wires providing power and signal in one.
Siamese cables are different from Power over Ethernet (PoE), in that the power is attached to the side of the data cable. PoE makes use of wires intended for data to transfer power. Siamese cable is designed with separately insulated wires of power cables and coaxial cable. This allows power to be provided without interfering with the video transmission.

RG59 SpoolFor installers, Siamese cables are a practical solution that simplifies an installation by allowing a single run of cable verses two, and eliminating the need to tie the two cables together. Not only does this power and data transmission combination saves time during installation, it also allows for a level of organization that makes future upgrades easier. To allow for an ever smoother experience for installers, RG59 Siamese cables typically comes either on a spool or in a pull box.