Smart Cable Shopping Practice

Cable shoppingYou are ready to wire your home. May it be for Ethernet, a new sound system, upgraded security system or else. Regardless of the type of installation you are about to embark, there are two elements that can make or break your efforts. The first is your level of knowledge and skill. Or the installer’s. The second is the quality of the materials you purchase.

Knowledge and skill

Knowledge and skill you either have or not. If you do, great. Otherwise look for a recommended installer in the field of the job you are planning. Recommendations are important because they are an indication for quality of work and results. Don’t just select the first name of the list.

Knowledge is Power

Learn a bit about your wiring project before you go out shopping. Whether you are redesigning your backyard with lights, smartening up your home or else take the time to research. If you are adding light fixtures outside, learn about the different fixture types. Explore landscape wire sizes and which best suites your needs. When upgrading your sound system, research speaker types and positions. Familiarize yourself with speaker wire size guide and what it entails.

Product Quality & Suitability

Now that you are more familiar with the elements of your project, it is time to research product qualities and their suitability to your particular project. If hiring a professional, ask for their input. They are familiar with cables and can recommend the appropriate category cable for your home Ethernet network, for example.

Safety and Performance Standards

Regulation agencies are there to set safety and performance standards and test products on the market. Depending on the cables you need, look for UL, ETL and other corresponding safety marks when purchasing.


Budgets can be restricting, but they should not dictate the quality of product you purchase. Shopping for the lowest price is not always wise. Make sure you are buying cables that are certified and/or from a known manufacturer. A cable that does not work will end up costing more in the long run.