Smart Home Devices – 2017

We live in a great era. Most of us (over a certain age I will not disclose) still remember what life was like pre-internet and smart devices, so we can appreciate what a difference they make in our daily routines. While some of us are still struggling with the shift to smart – well – everything, most of us can truly appreciate their contribution to our convenience.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home DevicesThere are a growing number of items we can upgrade our house with. Smart home devices can offer home automation and security features depending on individual needs and/or desires. So how can one convert their home to a smart home? Here are some options:

Smart lighting

Always wanted to add a dimming capability to your house lights but didn’t want the hustle that comes with this kind of a project? Well now you can purchase a ready to use wireless dimming kit / smart bulbs. They can be controlled from a remote control OR your smart phone with the use of the bridge (a smart wireless hub).

Intelligent window shades

Opening / closing your window blinds is no longer a 5 start hotel only feature. Wireless motorized window shades and blinds can not only make life easier, but also safer. They operate similarly to smart LED bulbs. Each shade can either be controlled individually or as a group. They can be preset to certain times or be controlled via smart phone or remote control.

WiFi Air Conditioner Controller

Wouldn’t turning on the heat or A/C via remote control or even your smart phone be nice? Especially on those cold winter mornings when it may be hard time to get out of the warmth of the bed… you know what I mean. Well, it is totally possible and potentially energy (and $$$ !!!) saving.
All you need is to connect a smart WiFi enabled control to your HVAC system, download an app and you are set. There are multiple options on the market. They mostly allow for the same capabilities. You may choose to set up patterns or turn the Heat/Cool from your phone on your way home from work.

Smart home centerpiece

Now that you have smart home capabilities, you’ll need a central control point for your smart home gadgets. Today’s options for smart home control center include Amazon Echo & Google Home.
These central control points allow you to connect the smart lighting control, intelligent window shades control and more to one device and control your home’s smart capabilities from one point of access if desired. Additionally, they answer questions, play music, and remember things for you and more.

So do we live in a great era or what? Just look at your smart phone and tell me I am wrong… Happy smart home converting.