Sustainability & The Cable Industry

Today’s world is heading in a GREEN direction. Sustainability and all that it encompasses are not just a passing ‘hot topic’, but a real concern throughout the world. Standards have been established and implemented in a growing number of fields, governments have written laws and developed standards, even in our homes and our daily routines we are taking part in this environmental change. But what do sustainability & the cable industry have to do with each other?
Sustainability & The Cable IndustryWell, the cable industry is no different than other industries, and as such it is responsible to take part in the environmental care and energy sustainability. With government funds and tax breaks to encourage innovations in the cable industry, new standards have been developed.
Network cabling is sustainable in its core, due to the creation of digital information storage & sharing capabilities – the need for large sums of paper is dramatically minimized.
Another important part of taking a step towards sustainability has to do with efficiency. Some cable designs maximize the sum of information that can successfully across it, while minimizing the length of cord and the amount of general materials.
The cabling industry is, in effect, going in the direction of sustainability and developments and innovations in the field are proving successful. The next step in the pursuit after sustainable solutions for the cable industry is to attract more attention from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and demonstrate the contribution of the industry to sustainability efforts in planning & construction. It is vital to reveal the difference that quality cable can make in efforts towards sustainability.