Grounding and Bonding a Shielded System

The importance of grounding and bonding cannot be overstated. In both commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings bonding and grounding systems is crucial in protecting both data center and networking equipment. It ensures a shielded twisted pair structured cabling system is free from transmission errors and unwanted noise. The grounded circuits of machines need to have an effective return path from the machines to the power source in order to function properly. Continue reading “Grounding and Bonding a Shielded System”

Cable Shielding Types & When to Use Them

Cable Shielding Types Cable shielding is a type of barrier designed to protect the cable from external disruptions such as electrical interference (EMI), as well as prevents cable signals from interfering with their surrounding cables and equipment.

Shielding is becoming more common, even though not all environments require them. At first, shielded cables were used in spaces with high concentration of electrical equipment and/or secure communications applications. One example for such a space is factory floors. Nowadays shielded cables are commonly used in many spaces such as government, education and healthcare buildings. Continue reading “Cable Shielding Types & When to Use Them”

About Patch Panels

What can be said about patch panels? For start, that they are an integral part of a network system. So much that without them data transmission is ineffective. In other words, they are the functional piece that increases the efficiency and use of a network system.
Patch panels are designed to consolidate all horizontal cabling in the system’s infrastructure. There one organized point for all cables to terminate neatly. Continue reading “About Patch Panels”