Bulk Ethernet cable

Ethernet Cable
Bulk Ethernet cable
Bulk Ethernet cable

An Ethernet Cable is a network cable used to connect wired networks. In their short version (several feet or so), they connect between a computer and a modem or router in a home network. bulk Ethernet cable (up to 1000 feet runs are available) is used to set up a network, connecting multiple computers (possibly in different rooms) and other devices to the server usually in offices and other businesses.
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Cat5e & Cat6 Bulk Patch Cables

Bulk Patch Cables for cat5e and cat6 applicationsBulk patch cables are available for both Cat5e and Cat6 networks.

Cat5e & Cat6 patch cables are the path for data transfer between patch panels & routers of a PC & RJ45 wall jack.

Networks rely on the quality of the parts it is made of, as well as on how well it is installed. When looking to install a network, the parts that make it should be on the same level of quality. There is no use in using a top of the line server, with low quality cables. The effect of a network of this sort will most likely result in reduced speeds. Continue reading “Cat5e & Cat6 Bulk Patch Cables”

Direct Burial & Outdoor Cable 101

When running cables outside, installers turn to direct burial or outdoor cables. These types of cables are designed to withstand nature’s elements. While indoor cables are constructed with a PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) jacket, which offers no UV protection and may degrade over time, direct burial cables & outdoor cables are designed to be used under harsher conditions.
Cables designed for outdoor use in cold climates are rated PE, and have a Polyethylene jacket. A PE jackets is made of a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, which can withstand temperatures as low as -40C. Continue reading “Direct Burial & Outdoor Cable 101”