Benefits of Using cat6 UTP Cable for Outdoor Installations

Cat6 UTP outdoor cable is designed for outdoor applications. What does that mean? As its name suggests, Cat6 UTP outdoor cable is designed to withstand the elements. As an outdoor cable, it needs to endure the effects of the sun, temperature changes (depending on local climate) and exposure to potential wildlife and other elements.

C6EU2511-3Generally, Cat6 outdoor cables are constructed with jackets that provide UV protection to prevent degradation over time. This UV resistant jacket is made of PE or a UV-resistant PVC.

Temperature rating plays an important role when dealing with outdoor applications. The cable needs to withstand various, and in some cases sever climates or climate changes, depending on the location in which it is used. A standard PVC cable can withstand temperatures down to -20 Celsius, while outdoor rated cables are designed with PE (Polyethylene) jacket that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 Celsius.

The types of cables available in outdoor rated or direct burial include Ethernet, coaxial & speaker wires. An outdoor /direct burial Ethernet cable can be used to run interned connection between structures, for example. An outdoor /direct burial speaker wire may be used to place speakers outside, avoiding exposed wires from source to speakers, amongst other uses. An outdoor /direct burial coaxial cable may be used to run external surveillance systems, closed circuit TV and more.