Also known as a Wire Stripper, a Cable Stripper is a tool used to strip the outside jacket of a cable in order to expose the active wires under it. This is usually done when two wires need to be connected, or when a connector is applied to the end of a wire.

The most common cables that are stripped are audio-visual wires such as speaker wires, coaxial cables and video wires. They are stripped in order to connect to a data source such as an audio receiver or a cable box. Cable or wire stripping tools are hand held tools, commonly made of metal with a cutting end and stripping hole.


In order to increase safety and extend the life of a cable, most cables are coated with tube made of PVC or another material. The tube around the inner wires protects against outside treats such as fire, weather damage, wear and tear and also against signal interference.

All coated cables much be stripped prior to connecting them with plugs or other cables. When stripping a cable, the tube or coating is being scored, leaving the untouched and undamaged wires exposed. A clean cut will expose the inner wires with no force needed to remove the coating. Cutting too deep can damage the wire, which will interfere with signal transmission.