What is a Patch Cable

P5EUXXBL_02_TektelPatch cables are a popular cable that is in use in many network systems. Let’s discuss what a patch cable is. So really, what is a patch cable? A patch cable or cord is a segment of a cable with a connector on each end. Patch cables are available in a variety of lengths and colors, to accommodate for different needs and uses. Patch cables are used for connecting a device to a power source or a signal source. In other words, patch cables connect two different devices. A common example for patch cable’s use is in connecting a computer to a router.
Patch cords usually have an RJ45, TERA or GG45 connector on both ends, though hybrid versions with two different connector types exist as well. They are wired with EIA/TIA wiring standard 568B (on both ends). While it is possible to use 568A on both ends, it is not recommended primarily since most applications in the US use 568B standard.
To allow for a vast range on use and applications, patch cables are available in the different categories, including Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The difference between the different category cables is the transmission rate (higher with a higher category number).
Examples to connections made with patch cables include: computer to modem, computer to patch panel, computer to wall plate and more.
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