What is Home Automation?

Home Automation
Home Automation

So I just downloaded the new iOS 10 to my phone, and saw this new app called HOME. For a minute there I was staring at it thinking of endless possibilities. Unfortunately, that didn’t last very long. A minute or so later I realized my residence in not there yet. What am I to connect to it? I have to work on that. That got me thinking about home automation. Wait, what is Home Automation?

Controlling and monitoring your home’s electrical devices and amenities all from the palm of your hand from almost anywhere in the world. Well, maybe you don’t need to worry about turning your AC on/off while you are out of town. But wouldn’t it be nice to pre cool or heat your home before you arrive to a desired temperature? I bet it would.

Home automation include neat features such as movement sensor that turn lights on when you walk into a room and turn off a set time after no motion is detected. Light dimmers that are controlled remotely. Window shades that open/close depending on the amount of light the window is receiving. Front door locking mechanism is set to open/close as desired.

From a security stand point, home automation can taking things to the next level. It can offer both constant remote surveillance and feeling safer. Some systems will alert you to motion detection where there should not be one, or a breach in perimeter, and so on.  Additional, the ability to light your home prior to arrival will likely put your mind at ease being able to see your surroundings. Not to mention any intruder, if present, will likely flee once lights are on. An intercom camera, it can be linked to a mobile device, allowing you to see who is at the door even if you are away from it, and certainly when you are there, before walking to it.

In addition to convenience and safety, home automation also translates to energy efficiency and $$$ savings. For one, you can turn your AC from your mobile phone. In $$$ terms – you are not doomed to pay for all that energy you used up by forgetting to turn off the AC. If you have smart window shades, you’ll see savings on power for lighting your home. Other electrical devices can also be linked to your mobile device and be controlled remotely.

While we see more and more homes being designed with home automation in mind, it is still a developing technology. New innovations are constantly surprising us and constantly gear to change our lives. I wander what is yet to come. What the next big thing will be. And what homes will look like in 50 years from today. How different will it be? If at all.

Food for thought.