Easy Steps To Wiring a Patch Panel

In our growing network environment, adding network components and expanding existing networks is a common need. Businesses and office buildings, as well as universities and even schools, have a growing population of internet users. The growth in the numbers of users / computers, often leads to the need for a central server, to link all computers and store information as needed.
Wiring the independent computers to the server is the first step, but how does one accurately route and terminate the large mass of cables coming in to the server area. Hard wring every one of the cables to the server is impractical. An organized solution to this issue is the use of a labeled patch panel. When using a patch panel, the server can be easily connected with short cable runs, and any future upgrade or expansion will be easy to make.

Easy steps to wiring a patch panel:
Patch Panel 12WDetermine how many terminations you need for your incoming Ethernet cables, and select one with appropriate number accordingly. Purchase a patch panel with a 110 style insulation displacement connectors.
Design a scheme showing which incoming cables are terminated to which patch panel connectors. Label the patch panel for easy maintenance or future changes and upgrades.
Using a cable stripper, cut off the cable jacket about 1-2 inch from the end of each cable and remove the jacket.
If the incoming cable(s) has internal plastic tubing (such as Cat6), it will need to be carefully removed using wire cutters.
Under the jacket, there are 4 twisted pairs of wires. Untwist and spread out all wires. Notice there are 4 wires solid color and 4 striped wires with the same 4 colors + white.
Place all 8 wires into the 110 style connector of the patch panel in the patch panel outlet according to the scheme / order design. Follow the color code label on the patch panel when placing the colored wires into the corresponding pins.
Firmly press down on each wire to make sure it is grasped by both sets of teeth of the insulation displacement connector.

The ethernet patch panel is also known as a network patch panel.